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Thinning Hair?

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[By Shear Art’s Blake Evans]

Redken's cerafill

You’re at home brushing your hair and you notice something but you keep brushing. As you keep brushing, you notice something again. This time you realize that something is different about your hair. There might be more scalp showing than normal. Your recessive areas are pushing further back. Now, you are starting to accept this hair as your reality. You part your hair a certain way, always style it in the direction to make your hair look not as thin. What if you did not have to do this any longer? There are products out there that can take of this issue! Your next question must be “So where do I begin?”

1. Know where you fall on the thinning scale.

Just like using going on a trip, we need to know where we are on the map. Once you know that, you can pick your destination. The last step is to pick your route. Prescribing hair products work the same way. Take a look at the images below to determine what category you fall in.

For women:

Normal thinning hair looks like this:
normal thinning women
Advanced thinning hair looks like this:
advanced thinning women

For Men:

Normal thinning hair looks like this:
normal thinning men
Advanced thinning hair looks like this:
advanced thinning men

Products to use:

cerafill product - Redken
Now that we know where we are and where we are going, it is time to decide which route to take. Redken has given us two routes: Defy or Retaliate. Defy is for those of us that have normal to fine hair. Retaliate is for those of us that have advanced thinning hair (defined above.) For advanced thinning hair, there is a product option called Minoxidil. What is amazing about this product is that it is the only FDA approved product to regrow hair!

cerafill product - Redken

Minoxidil comes in two formulas. 2% for Women and 5% for Men. We promise Cerafill isn’t sexist! Scientifically, each gender requires a different amount of product. There could adverse reaction if a woman used the men’s formula, including but not limited to growing facial hair. Yikes!

cerafill product - Redken cerafill product - Redken

I don’t know about you, but we like instant results! There are two styling products called, “Maximize Treatment Stylers.” One is called Dense FX which gives you 9,000 more hairs on your head! How? Through the use of technology called filloxane, it surrounds the hair and plumps each hair strand 9%. The results are INCREDIBLE! The other is a product called Texture Effect. This absorbs oil and adds texture to the hair to avoid the eye being drawn to any exposed scalp.

3. It Doesn’t Begin and End with Product!

cerafill - Redken
This is how we can take your look to another level! Through the use of proper color placement and the right hair cut, your hair can look even fuller. Our staff has been trained on techniques to best serve your hair.

Imagine, after a few months of the right product, cut, and color, you could look in the mirror and recognize your hair again! We would love to help get you there! Please call (813) 968-4836 to set up your thinning hair consultation!

I wish my hair looked as good as when my hairstylist does it.

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[By Shear Art’s Blake Evans]

Shear Art Tampa Redken

I wish my hair looked as good as when my hairstylist does it.

A thought that has crossed our minds numerous times, “I wish my hair looked as good as when my hairstylist does it.” Far too often we have expectations that can’t be met. “I love this picture on the cover of Vogue but I don’t want to have to style it.” Our combs aren’t magic wands, but they can help create the same looks you are obsessing over on Pinterest.

1. Product Choice

redken products at Shear Art TampaIt’s not uncommon for someone to not to want use product but still expect the same results that a stylist gives them. Professional products give us the ability to alter the hair into the way we want it. A question that is frequently asked, “What about the product I got at the drug store?” We are highly educated in the brands we carry. To this point, we can prescribe our products for any hair type. We can’t guarantee your mousse from the drug store will work the same as our mousse. We also can strongly claim that our products are constructed with the latest technology and the finest ingredients.

2. Hair Styling Tools

styling toolsProfessional styling tools make all the difference in the end result. The majority of our staff members use tools from Sam Villa Professional. These tools are crafted by one of the greatest hairdressers of our generation. They are ergonomic and geared towards protecting the integrity of the hair. Each hot tool in the Sam Villa Professional collection has a “Color Treated” setting. (Hot tip: Any hot tool that uses heat above 392 degrees is actually making the haircolor molecule leave the hair!) This makes it extremely easy to always stay on the right setting. These tools provide the best finish on the hair from roots to ends, which is why our stylists have chosen to primarily use his tools.

sam villa brushesIn addition to hot tools, Sam Villa has a variety of brushes and combs that are a big player in your end result. They are designed as one solid unit to make sure that your hair does not get tangled in the brush. (That’s the worst!) Here’s a little blurb about Sam Villa Professional tools from, “It is more important now than ever to have a great finish. With that in mind, Sam Villa created his Sam Villa Signature Series Thermal Brushes, which combine nylon and boar bristles, to optimize the distribution of natural oils to smooth hair—plus ionic benefits of a ceramic and tourmaline barrel to make blow drying faster and more efficient than ever before.”

3. Practice

Shear Art TampaThink about it, if a stylist works 5 days a week, does 4 blow dries a day working 50 weeks in the year (we need a vacation too) that means that stylist does 1,000 blow dries a year! We highly doubt you are blow drying your hair that often. With that said, it isn’t “practice makes perfect” it is “perfect practice makes perfect.” Have your stylist talk you through how you should style your hair at home, including how to hold the blow dryer, what products work, etc. As stylists we have to deal with a variety of hair textures. The only hair you have to get to know is your own!

If you use what we use, do what we do, and practice the way we do it, you’ll have us at home with you every morning as you are getting ready!


Top 4 Nutritional Diets for that Beach Body

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[By Shear Art’s Sara Altizer]

Because shedding the pounds for bikini season may be shedding the nutrients out of your hair, skin and nails. Keep more than just your body looking good this summer.

Shear Art Tampa

There are a lot of fads out there, which typically involve cutting out a complete food group, or food all together in promises of a thinner tomorrow. Countless weight loss “vitamins” sit on the shelves, waiting for consumers to add them to their workout regimen. And while you may not notice an effect on your hair and skin at first, it can take up to 3 weeks to see the real affect your diet is having on you. If the point, anyway, is to look more beautiful, then I think we can commit to making smarter decisions about our diets we are choosing.

According to U.S. News, these are the top 4 diets for 2014, and they promise complete nutrition and balance, to keep your whole body looking radiant.

1. Dash Diet

The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) helped develop DASH and has published free guides on the plan. Here is a 6-page overview of the plan, here. It centers its concepts around lowering and preventing high blood pressure by emphasizing good foods, and limiting bad foods (fatty, sweet and salty.). It is completely balanced in every food group and can be modified for any preferences- vegetarian, gluten-free… etc. Plus, because the focus is on long-term health, they have developed it to be realistic and restaurant friendly.

2. TLC Diet

Created by the National Institute of Health’s National Cholesterol Education Program, the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) Diet is endorsed by the American Heart Association. Its focus centers around being low fat and promises to lower bad cholesterol in a mere 6 weeks. On this diet you will be eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat or non-fat dairy products, fish and skin off poultry. Each day you will keep meat to a minimum (no more than 5 ounces), eat 2-3 servings of dairy; enjoy 4-5 servings of fruit and vegetables and 6-11 servings of whole grains, rice and pasta.

3. Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic has a unique food pyramid and promises you will shed 6 to 10 pounds in 2 weeks and continue shedding 1-2 pounds a week until you reach your goal. In the first of two sections it will teach you how to ban bad habits, like: eating while watching TV, consuming sugar (except what is found in fruit), snacking (except on fruits and vegetables), and consuming too much meat and full fat dairy. Also, instead of focusing on counting calories, it educates you about what servings of different foods look like; for example, a serving of fruit is the size of a tennis ball.

4. Mediterranean Diet

The theory is that people who live along the Mediterranean Sea suffer less from cancer and cardiovascular disease than Americans. This is contributed to an active lifestyle and a diet low in red meat, sugar and saturated fat. Initially considered to be the “poor” mans diet, it consists of fruits and vegetables, nuts and beans, healthy grains, fish, olive oil, small amounts of dairy and red wine. There is no specified plan, but they have created a Food Pyramid of their own to use as a guide. You can find it here.

Want to see the full list? Visit the U. S. News website, here.

At the end of the day, if you ask me, I think we would all be happier if we were more confident being Marilyn than Barbie. At least we can have shiny, healthy hair and skin whether we are working towards better health for the summer or for a lifetime.

Cheers to beauty inside and out!



Blonde Obsessed

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Shear Art Tampa[By Shear Art’s Blake Evans]

Have you ever wondered if blondes have more fun? Do you already know they do because you are one? Right now at Shear Art Salon we’re #BlondeObsessed! Of course being in Florida, we’re all a little sun kissed. Now’s the time to break out of your blonde box and become #NotABoxedBlonde! This campaign is all about building multidimensional prismatic blonde haircolor. No two blondes should be the same. Shear Art is dedicated to custom haircolor for every guest!

1. No Brassiness. Guaranteed.

Shear Art TampaWith the recent launch of Redken’s Blonde Idol, we can now make the claim of “No Brassiness. Guaranteed.” Bold words, if you ask us! How’s this possible? In the new line, Redken has introduced Blonde Idol Custom Tone Conditioners, which comes in two flavors, “Violet” and “Gold”. You might be asking yourself, “Which do I use?” They made it easy! If you are a cool blonde use “Violet,” if you are a warm blonde use “Gold”!

What makes this a custom conditioner is that you dial up to the amount of color you want deposited on to your hair. If you follow the guide below, it gives you all of the information necessary.

Shear Art Tampa Shear Art Tampa
For Minimum Color Deposit
  • 1-2 weeks after a haircolor service
  • When you are satisfied with current tone
  • To maintain newly colored hair
For Medium Color Deposit
  • 3-4 weeks after a haircolor service
  • When tone needs to be slightly adjusted
  • After sun-exposure or light swimming
For Maximum Color Deposit
  • 5-6 weeks after a haircolor service
  • When desired tone is brassy or flat
  • After excessive sun exposure or swimming

2. Custom Haircolor Begins with a Professional.

Shear Art TampaThe hashtag #NotABoxedBlonde means there is no way our blondes could come from a at home hair color. Blonding is a technique that needs to be left to a professional! At Shear Art, our team is trained on how to pair colors with your skin tone, eye color, and other factors. They are also trained on how to place color according to your face shape. These are things you can not get out of a drug store hair color. We are dedicated to making sure no two blonde are alike.

3. Everyone Can Be Blonde…But it may not be what you think!

The first time we heard this, our head turned sideways. We met this thought with resistance, “Everyone can’t be blonde!” What we did not realize was that blonde to us is platinum blonde when in reality the blondes can be darker than that and still be blonde. If you look at our first photo in this blog, the model pictured is Chiara Ferragni, founder of The BLONDE Salad. (Click here to visit her blog! We love it!) Most people would consider her brunette, however she has a dark blonde base with blonder moments happening through the midlengths of her hair.

If you are choosing to go blonde, set up a consultation with your Shear Art colorist to thoroughly decide what would be best for you. Set this up by calling (813) 968-4836