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The shag is making an ultimate comeback this year

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By Sara Altizer. Trend forecast 2015 from Shear Art Salon and Spa.

What do Chloe, Valentino, Tory Burch, and Chanel all have in common? They all showcased 60’s inspired waves, braids, and length in their 2015 collections, calling for a bohemian revolution in the fashion industry.

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by: Sara Altizer

Sara Altizer, Shear Art

It has happened to all of us at one time or another. We’ve taken the plunge into a sexy cropped cut, embraced that “lob” trend or gone edgy with an incredible pixie. And we loved it. We really did. But then… eventually… we didn’t anymore, and it was time to make that arduous journey of growing it out.

At this point, most women will start popping vitamins, like Biotin, but what may be surprising is that growing out your hair is more about your ENDS than it is about your hair coming from the scalp. It’s all about keeping the ends healthy enough to see those length results you are craving.

The photos above are exactly 1 year apart, and I am thrilled to share how I grew my hair 7 inches in one year and how you too can give your hair the best opportunity to be healthy the whole way there. It’s my grow out survival guide! Enjoy.


I am going to get real with you here. As a hairstylist, haircutting is an essential part of my livelihood; and, yes, keeping your split ends trimmed is vital, but you don’t want to keep the same haircutting schedule as you had with your cropped cut. I would recommend adding another 2 weeks to your regular routine (if you’re used to getting your pixie trimmed every 4 weeks, start doing every 6). YES this will make you a little crazy at first, your shape will be growing out and styling may be more challenging those last 2 weeks, but, adding a little more time between trims will allow your hair a chance to spread its wings. I am convinced that adding this 2 weeks into my haircutting routine really made the difference for me.


It is not a secret that repetitive motion is unhealthy for our bodies. The Ergonomics industry has exploded in the past decade with a plethora of products to reduce Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and help us do our daily tasks more efficiently.

Your hair is no different from your hands or your elbows! Repetitive styling is going to adversely affect your hair and cause breakage and damage much more quickly. This is why adding variety into your WEEKLY styling routine is absolutely key. Blowdrying your hair every day looks great, but will cause breakage- particularly around the front hairline. Curling or straightening your hair with hot tools looks incredible, but will cause breakage- particularly through your ends. Braiding your hair or upstyling it every day is elegant and professional, but again, will cause breakage due to the tension that is being placed throughout the hair strand.

Simply switching up this routine will give your hair the best environment to grow strong and healthy.


This may surprise you, but how you wear your hair to bed may be impacting it’s health more than you think. For collarbone length and longer, you want to be sure you are brushing your hair and securing it before bed, this can be in braids, a loose bun directly on top of your head (fastened with a large claw clip, bobby pins or hair ties can cause too much tension). I personally like to add a small dab of Redken’s Argan-6 Oil through my ends- giving me moisturized and shiny ends when I wake up.


The 2 biggest influencers of your hairs ability to grow out healthy are Protein and Moisture. Here are my favorites that I use religiously to keep my hair looking and feeling it’s best.

Argan-6 Oil which is enriched with Omega-6, reduces frizz and offers deep conditioning and shine.

Pureology Colour Fanatic which has 21 essential benefits to prime, protect and perfect my color treated hair. I love that it has protein and heat protection.

Extreme Strength Builder Plus which is a fortifying hair mask which makes my hair feel like SILK.

Extreme Length Primer and Sealer which are formulated with a liquid form of biotin which seals in split ends, builds strength and is GUARANTEED to get healthy hair 6″ longer in 1 year.


Cheers to being able to have healthy AND long hair my lovelies!


Top 5 Hurricane Season Products.

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[By Shear Art’s Sara Altizer]

[Because your hair doesn’t have to look like a gale force wind.]

Yeah, okay.

So you decided to live in a coastal state full of palm trees and sunny blue skies. With sandy beaches and the relaxing waves of the Atlantic on one side and the peaceful Gulf of Mexico waters on the other. Where it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere and where, while not recommended, you can basically wear those weird floaty tropical shirts all day, e’ry day.

There’s just one small teeny tiny detail missing.

For six months out of the year (June to November) it’s this thing called, HURRICANE SEASON. And while hurricanes are unlikely, tropical storms are aplenty. Enter high winds and that weird slanty rain. Enter humidity and dampness. Enter the potential for a summer full of bad hair days.

But wait!

I am not going to let that happen to you!!

Here are my top 5 Hurricane proof products. Plus! I’ve compiled a few tutorials for quick up-styles for those days when you know fighting the weather is a losing battle.

Shear Art

Control Addict 28.

Talk about hold hold hold hold hold. This is Redken’s strongest hairspray and it offers 24 hours of anti-humidity protection. Your hair is not going anywhere with this.

Pureology Illuminating Curl.

In my professional opinion, if your hair has any kind of texture, wave or curl to it, on the highest humidity days, it is best to embrace your natural texture and let your hair be wild. My hair has what I call, “lazy waves”, but when I use this product, it provides order and helps my waves spring into action.

To use: I comb my hair in the shower while conditioner is in it, but do not brush it when I get out of the shower. I use the towel to start scrunching my hair and remove excess moisture. Then I take a quarter amount of the Illuminating Curl, disperse in my hands and start scrunching into my hair. As it air dries, I may add more for additional control.

Smooth Lock Stay Sleek.

This leave-in is incredible, and my favorite for a variety of different textures. It nourishes your cuticle and provides a sleek blow out while keeping frizz under control.
To use: For fine hair, a dime size is plenty. For coarser textures, start with a quarter amount. Disperse in hands and run through damp hair at the mid-lengths and ends. Blow dry in.

Mess Around 10.

This a cream-paste that has a beautiful shiny finish to it. It is perfect for creating tousled and textured hair. While it can be used in longer hair, I would recommend this for mid-length and shorter hair.

To use: For medium length hair, disperse in hands and then, using your palms, shake the product through your ends, creating that definition and separation. For shorter hair, disperse in hands and run product through hair, shaping it as desired.

Diamond Oil.

Diamond Oil is all about protection and shine. When walking outside can lead to our hair getting frizzy or our ends looking dull and dry, this is my go to. Plus, it helps to make your hair 3 times stronger, while protecting it from damage.
To use: Place a couple drops into palms, disperse and run through your ends. Use more as needed.

Never ever underestimate the power of a beautiful up style. It’s the easiest way to feel elegant and put together even on the stormiest days! The two looks I’ve included here are both completely on trend right now, and very effortlessly glamorous.


There you have it!
I think hurricane season is going to have nothing on us!

Cheers to the best hair yet.