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The truth behind why investing your Retail dollars in the salon is an actual investment in yourself. [The answer may surprise you!]

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[By Shear Art’s Sara Altizer]

It isn’t anything new to hear that buying Retail from the Salon is “better” and “recommended”. But when you see the products at Publix or CVS, you may be left thinking, “what’s the big deal anyway?”

In todays economy we are all working hard to make smart financial decisions. Read on to learn why buying products in the salon is actually the smartest decision for your wallet and for your future hair services.

Education Correlation

One of the many reasons that Shear Art Salon & Spa is as successful as it is, with being named in the top 200 salons in the country in 2014 and with a loyal and growing clientele, is our focus on EDUCATION. Shear Arts guests have confidence in their stylists continual training and up-to date knowledge on new trends and the latest techniques.

But DID YOU KNOW? That because we are a Redken Elite Salon that Shear Art receives 6 points for every dollar spent in retail. These points are then invested exclusively in training and education utilizing Redkens network of more than 300 artists.

This means, that every retail dollar you spend is actually spent on keeping your own hair current, healthy and fashion forward.

Diversion and Quality

Here is another fact for you, products sold outside of the salon are simply not the same quality. Diversion is real, and you deserve better than that.

“Diversion” is a term that can be very confusing to consumers. The simplified explanation is that companies obtain Professional haircare products and through diluting them- typically with water… but who really knows- serve to make a profit at the expense of the purchaser. These products, because they have been tampered with, no longer have the same benefits, quality or longevity. So while you may perceive that you are saving 50 cents, the real cost for frequent replacement is much higher.

I also did some price shopping and found that 90% of the time the products were actually MORE expensive outside of the salon.

NO, let’s read that again:
The products that I found in different locations, products which have been tampered with and have no guarantee of quality (from CVS, Publix, Walgreens and ULTA) were found 90% of the time to be MORE EXPENSIVE. The All Soft Shampoo sold at Shear Art rings in at $16.00, it is being sold for $17.49, $16.99 and $16.50 elsewhere. Our perception of higher prices in a salon is simply untrue!

As consumers, we need to be dedicated to remaining educated about our purchases and protecting our investments. The stylists at Shear Art truly value each and every client that walks through our doors. We are committed to the utmost in services, standards and integrity. Your hair, your wallet and your confidence is incredibly important to us, and this is why we are dedicated to provide you with the highest quality in our retail and knowledge.

So the next time you run out of conditioner, remember, making an investment in us is really making an investment in you.

Keep looking beautiful!